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Focus on NEP 2020

Focus on NEP 2020

Shine Olympiad exams have been designed as per the recommendations of New Education Policy 2020

Designed for Challenge

Designed for Challenge

Our exams have been curated by experts to challenge brilliant young minds with Achiever's section in every subject

Emphasis on Online learning

Emphasis on Online learning

Shine Olympiad exams encourage new age learner to gain competence and ease with online learning

Power of Indian Languages

Power of Indian Languages

Available in 10 language mediums - English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam (more coming soon).

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Shine Olympiads help new age students to create a strong foundation while keeping pace with the latest technology,enabling them to have a competitive edge advantage.

  • Better you Knowledge about the fundamentals of a subject
  • Enhance your Digital skills
  • Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses
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ndian Language Mediums

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Subject Experts

The challenge with math education is that most students without having a deeper understanding of the concepts become good in solving the questions from the syllabus. But it only helps for a limited time. Exams like NTSE, KVPY, IIT JEE, NEET etc ask deep conceptual questions, which are from the syllabus but demand a different level of competence. Shine Olympiad questions are conceptual in nature, and will force students to think deeply and improve their clarity on the core concepts. Also the coverage of questions is uniform, meaning, in each grade; questions are there from all the strands.

Pankaj Sharma

IIT Roorkee

Mathematics Expert

Subject Experts

Mathematics requires different levels of questions, namely questions which test conceptual knowledge, questions which are procedural in nature and questions which demand a certain level of reasoning. Shine Olympiad have questions covering all the three areas. This helps the students to have a firm grip on the subject and hence provides a distinct advantage for the school level exams also.

Mukesh Batra

IIT Delhi

Maths Expert

Subject Experts

The LSRW approach to English Language Learning is the most authentic approach. Listening and Reading are the inputs and speaking and writing are the outputs. In our approach at ShineOlympiad, we have taken one element from each, input and output. We have focused on testing the "Reading" and "Writing" proficiciency. These proficiencies are consistently required in all the grades of the school, and we have created a bank that has a graded level of questions; for beginners, to intermediate and finally the advance level.

Kriti Wahi

English Teacher, Father Agnel School

New Delhi

Subject Experts

The biggest challenge in English language is the comprehension of the meaning, in the given context. The meaning making nature of the language is the unique attribute, which gets accentuated with reading. Hence it is our endeavor at the Shine Olympiad that age appropriate reading and comprehension should the cornerstone of the assessment. In addition to this, appropriate writing is the most significant aspect of education, whose need is in the entire life. Writing alone brings clarity to once thoughts, as the act of writing weaves the coherence in the web of jumbled ideas. So we test the reading and writing components comprehensively.

Rashmi Singh

Director and English Teacher, Siddharth Group of Schools

New Delhi

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