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Easy Mental Maths for Olympiads

How does Mental Math Help in Preparing for Math Olympiads?

If your child is scared of mathematics and runs away from difficult problems, then mental math tricks are a fun way to make them fall in love with mathematical problems.

Imagine if your kid could easily solve complex mathematical problems without the use of pen and paper, Maths Olympiad would become a piece of cake for them. 

Here’s how you can help your kid: 

  1. Mental math relates to the ability to use number sense. In simple words, your mind can manipulate problems in your head to find solutions.
  2. Most people with numerological sense use flexibility. They can break apart problems into tiny parts and then put them together in various ways to find the solution. And the best part is that at work, there is no need for a pen and paper.
  3. How can Mental math help you in Math Olympiads? Unlike questions on
  4. The school maths exams, the Math Olympiad, often have questions twisted to confuse your mind. They are not designed for heavy calculations, but rather to check your logical and analytical skills. Hence, as pointed out earlier, using mental math provides flexibility to break down the problem into tiny parts and find a solution.
  5. Here is an easy example of how mental math techniques can help you solve a complex problem within minutes.
  6. For example, if you want to find the number five times, multiply it by 10 and then reduce it in half.

7.5 x 480

10 x 480 = 4800

4800 divided into half gives 2400. Wasn’t that quite simple for you?

  1.  With the help of mental math, we were able to solve problems within seconds without using a pen or paper calculator.
  2.  Using mental math while attempting examinations such as Math Olympiads helps you keep track of time, as the time during such examinations is limited.
  3. Practicing mental math daily will also warm you up for your main exams. It can also be used as a fun activity between friends or classmates.
  4. Mental math exercises would also help you reduce stress for the Olympiad exam, as solving problems quickly would definitely boost your confidence.