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How can students prepare GK for Olympiads?

The General Knowledge Olympiad is conducted to aspire students to be more aware of their surroundings, current affairs, and other relevant and important events happening around the world.  General Knowledge is a subject that cannot be strictly restricted within textbooks and hence students opting for GK Olympiads need to be quick on their toes with the information about all major occurrences in the world.

Here are some important points to keep in mind while preparing for the GK Olympiad:

Understand the significance of General Knowledge. Students should develop the habit of keeping themselves updated about the happenings around them. General knowledge goes a long way in making them future-ready and shaping their careers.

·   Students participating in GK Olympiads often get demotivated, considering its vast syllabus covering numerous topics. Students should look up the syllabus for the said Olympiad and refer to their particular classes

. Jotting down topics and then moving forward with preparations would provide them with better understanding and alignment.

·   Considering the right resources for your preparations is quite important for the GK Olympiad. There are extensive resources when it comes to this particular subject. The best material is to read the newspaper. However, since children generally are not motivated to read the entire newspaper, there are several textbooks that they can rely on. These have been formulated for students in different classes.

·   It’s important that you keep your preparations interesting, to keep yourselves motivated. To do so, you can utilize the videos, quizzes, images, etc. on the internet. These help students to understand better at the same time keeps them engrossed.

·   Students should prepare their own notes for GK Olympiads as it is a vast subject. Maintaining a current affairs journal can be quite beneficial in your preparations. It would also help to segregate events based on their topics or content.

·   Last but not least, practice with lots of sample papers and mock tests. It is quite important that students understand the pattern of the exam. Going through previous year papers is definitely quite helpful as well. This would help you to assess yourself and also make the necessary improvements.

Hope these tips prove to be helpful while you are preparing for your General Knowledge Olympiad. Best of Luck!