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How Can You Ace the Shine Hindi Pratibha Olympiad? (SHPO)

Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in India and hence is also an essential part of the school curriculum. Shine Hindi Pratibha Olympiad is created to test the students’ Hindi subject abilities. Appearing for Hindi Olympiad helps the students to develop a strong base in the language and would also help them score well in school and get the student’s future ready to pursue advanced courses in the subject.

Shine Hindi Pratibha Olympiad (SHPO) is an application based and you can easily ace it by following some simple tricks.

·  Check out the latest syllabus: Students opting for SHPO, can easily access the grade-specific, detailed syllabus of the Olympiad on the official website of Shine Olympiad. It is quite imperative that students remain up to date with the latest syllabus before preparing for the test. Often the topics of the Olympiad would also coincide with your school syllabus and hence can be quite helpful.

·  Plan a detailed study schedule: Create a study schedule, such that you can allot specific time for your Olympiad preparations other than your school studies. It is necessary to practice for Olympiad exams daily before taking them.

·  Understanding the concepts: Olympiad questions are generally application based and thus it is quite important that you understand the basic concepts of grammar and vocabulary while studying for SHPO, instead of simply mugging up the entire syllabus. Having a strong grasp of basic concepts is imperative while preparing for the Olympiad exams.

·  Prepare your own notes: It is necessary for students opting to take SHPO, to prepare their own notes while studying. This would help you to understand the topics better, and practice them and self-made notes are better for last-minute revision as well.

·  Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers: It is important that you practice daily with sample papers and previous year papers to better understand the type of questions that come in an Olympiad exam. An ample number of sample papers and mock tests are provided for your benefit on the Shine Olympiad website. A student is allotted a set of questions, and they have to cover it in a specified period.

These are some simple steps that you can follow for excellence in your Olympiad exams. All the Best!