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How to crack Shine Junior Hindi Olympiad?

Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in India. It is one of the 18 official languages of the country. Hence, it is considered highly relevant in the Indian education system, especially in North Indian states where the Hindi language is majorly spoken. To inculcate more interest in the students in the language as well as to make them more aware of it, Shine Olympiad has introduced Shine Junior Hindi Olympiad and Shine Hindi Pratibha Olympiad. Shine Olympiads are online exams that are conducted at a national level for students to assess their capabilities and understanding of the language as well.

Here are some simple instructions for students to follow while preparing for Shine Junior Hindi Olympiad and Shine Hindi Pratibha Olympiad.

·   Identify your priorities: Ask yourself how important are Olympiads for you. Are you willing to spend hours daily organizing for them? Can you sacrifice other endeavors to allocate more time to the Hindi language? There is no point in preparing for the Olympiads if you can spend, say, only an hour per day. It is important that you make the Olympiad exam a priority.

·   Find someone to assist you: When reading and solving questions, you’re going to encounter many questions. Ideally, you can ask your Hindi teacher who can answer and explain those questions to you

·   Find motivation:  Most students lose motivation in the process of preparation. Thus, we artificially increase our motivation by competing with friends. If there’s a possibility to attend an Olympiad-preparation club, roll in one to keep yourself motivated for the Hindi Olympiad.

·   Read all the theories: To unravel problems, students should understand the basic concepts behind them. Try reading and fully understanding the study material.

·   Solve Previous year’s papers:  To find out concepts or topics that you might have a problem in, you should try and solve as many previous year’s papers as well as mock tests on the Shine Olympiad website.

·   Work smart: Everyone has their own working temperaments. Find the one that works best for you. Work brilliant instead of simply working hard for your Olympiad preparations.

·   Physical health: Study as hard as possible, but do not let it affect your physical health. You should eat healthily, sleep well and, at least, walk some miles per day. This is often a vital component of success. This is how you can keep yourself on track.

·   Emotional health: Students must keep their mental composure and decrease the chances of a mental breakdown. Go out at least once or twice per week to clear your mind — maybe by trying some sports or just socializing with friends.

Keep your head down and concentrate on your work, and you can easily crack the Shine Hindi Olympiads. All the very best!