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How to Help Your Child Crack Olympiads in Grade 1 and 2?

Parents are often dwelling on the fact as to how they should prepare their kids for Olympiads, particularly for students in grades 1 and 2. It can be a real pain in the neck situation to make your child sit for studies. Add to this the various myths and impressions on the young kid’s mind regarding Olympiads, it can become really troublesome. But there is nothing to be scared about, there is a right way to help your child prepare for Olympiads and also get a merit position.

Here are some easy steps to follow!!

Make Them Aware of The Exam Pattern/Syllabus:

Firstly, make your kids aware of the exam pattern and syllabus of the Olympiad. For Grade 1 and 2, Shine Olympiad has an objective type test of 60 minutes in which 35 multiple choice questions.

Help Them in Time Management

As parents, you have to help your kid create a useful schedule for their studies and utilize their time efficiently. Equal time should be allotted to all the topics.

Time management is the biggest problem faced by students during their Olympiad exam preparation. With so many things to juggle during the day, from school, homework, exams, and extra-curricular activities, working without a structure ends up making their preparation chaotic and unplanned.

Make their Basics Clear

Since Olympiad exam questions are framed to test conceptual understanding to make a strong foundation for the future. Students must develop an in-depth understanding of each concept. Clearing their basics would help them be able to solve tricky Olympiad questions.

Right Choices of Books are Essential

If you are opting for your kid to take an Olympiad, it’s important that you provide them with the right study and practice materials. Activate their skills like observation, identification, classification, comparing, analyzing, interpreting, etc.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle and Food Habits

Preparing for Olympiads in Grade 1 and 2 can be quite stressful for students as they are quite young. It is imperative, hence, that parents do not let them neglect their food habits and other healthy practices. The last thing you want is for your kid to fall sick during the preparations or right before taking the test.

It is important that both parents and kids take it easy and appreciate your child’s achievements. Believe that they can be anything that they aspire to be!!