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In the present age and time, it is imperative that young minds are made aware of environmental settings as well as their various phenomena. Shine Junior Thunberg Olympiad is designed to make budding environmentalists aware of the environmental issues that we are all facing today due to different human activities, something that might get left out of the regular school curriculum.

The Shine Junior Thunberg Olympiad (SJTO) is designed to inculcate in youngsters a desire to learn new concepts and acquire useful abilities at an early age.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for it:

1. Get yourself familiar with the syllabus and pattern of the Olympiad which is available on the official website of Shine Olympiad for your convenience.

2. Read various textbooks on environmental issues. Daily news on various environmental phenomena would also be quite beneficial for students.

3. Instead of simply sticking to a textbook, try to understand the principles and fundamentals by employing a variety of learning tools such as audio, videos, podcasts, newspapers, and so on.

4. Try to complete numerous practice papers to become more familiar with the types of questions commonly asked in an EVS Olympiad for classes 1 and 2.

5. Make a study plan so that you keep up with regular preparations for the Olympiad along with your school studies.

6. The EVS Olympiad exam demands dedication, so it’s quite important that you complete your syllabus and revise it regularly.

7. It would be quite beneficial if young students could gather in small groups to study and discuss various environmental phenomena and issues to get a better understanding of the subject as well as develop new and fresh viewpoints.

8. It is also critical that students comprehend the practical aspects of the environment rather than simply memorizing information and data about the environment.

9. Avoid any doubts by remaining fresh and comfortable before your Olympiad exam. Be confident in your efforts.

Hope these steps help you in preparing efficiently. Best of Luck!!