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The Shine Senior Biology Olympiad evaluates a student’s talents outside the scope of their regular academic education and study. It is a method of evaluating their abilities and how well they can apply their knowledge to a series of more difficult situations. Olympiads, which are a level higher than annual school exams, have different exam schedules and contain more sophisticated problems. As you begin your preparation for the Shine Senior Biology Olympiad, you may undoubtedly be wondering how to get started.

You can use the following tips to study and be exam ready:

1. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus, pattern, and guidelines: Shine Senior Biology Olympiad (SSBO) is for classes 11th and 12th. You can easily find these on the official website of Shine Olympiads.

You can use the following tips to study and be exam ready:

2. Read Biology Textbooks: As students of biology, you must be aware of the fact that biology is a theory-based subject and hence you can acquire more knowledge only by reading excessively. Try reading different textbooks about the same topic because in that way you’ll be able to consolidate information quicker.

3. Use various learning tricks: You can use various learning methods and practices to study instead of just memorizing from a textbook, like notes, watching videos, listening to podcasts, etc. The more you involve your sensory systems in the learning process, the better your grasping power.

4. Use Notes for The Last-Minute Revision:  Check out your topic-specific notes for a last-minute revision.

5. Solve Previous Year Papers and Mock Tests:  After you accomplish your last-minute revisions, solve past papers from previous biology Olympiad exams.

6. Try to not Study Alone: Studying alone is deemed to be less effective than studying in a group. Join science clubs at school or forums online where you can find other students interested in biology. Talk about and share with them what you learned in the classroom. The more you discuss the subject, the more likely it is that you retain it.

7. Develop Practical Skills: Try and get in touch with your biology teacher and get access to your biology lab in school to get more hands-on experience on all the facts that you have learned from the textbooks.

Hope these tricks help you to prepare for SSBO. All the very best!!