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Tips on the Basics of English to Help You Crack the English Olympiad

English is a global language today and is the core of modern education in an ever-expanding world. An Olympiad-like format is a popular format in the school ecosystem, which is obviously imperative for students as it helps in acquiring linguistic skills-  from good communication to proper expression and writing.

Platforms like Shine Olympiad aim to test the student’s grasp of various aspects of the language, including grammar, comprehension, and general academic competencies in the language. The exam is put together to allow students to learn and develop their understanding as they prepare for the exam and improve upon existing concepts.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for an English Olympiad:

1. Practice and revision: constant practice is the key to success. It’s a habit a student should strive to develop in order to perform well in any exam as well as all Olympiads.

2. Make a schedule: Work should be divided into slots with gaps in between to keep one invested in a productive way for a longer period of time. Hence pre-planning of what topics to study and when and how much time should be allotted to each topic should be decided earlier.

3. Know the syllabus: English Olympiad syllabus is generally made in an order such that it corresponds to the student’s grade. Yet one should always check the syllabus and plan their studies accordingly.

4. Understanding, focusing, and relaxing: Students tend to easily get overwhelmed by the pressure of exams; hence it is advised that they take breaks between two continuous stretches of study time. It helps one’s mind retain information better.

5. Know the question paper pattern: The students when practicing with the help of provided resources, get a basic idea of things like- marks distribution, question pattern, and question types. One can make use of this to keep themselves prepared accordingly and relevantly.

6. Solve previous years’ question papers: Solving previous year’s question papers, can help students familiarize themselves with the probable variety of questions. This would boost your confidence and make you more assured of taking the Olympiad exam.

7. Make quick or flash notes:  Flash notes are good for revision. These help students retain the information better and for longer periods of time. It is in the process of making notes that students also focus and retain the important points. Reading aloud with writing, further aids long-term retention of information.

8. Time management: One needs to keep track of time when appearing for an exam. The number of correctly solved questions in a given time period counts for improved performance in an exam.

So, these are the much-needed tips that you should keep in mind and hope that they help you prepare well for the Olympiads. Best of luck!!