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Tips to Succeed in Shine Senior Chemistry Olympiad (SSCO)

The Shine Senior Chemistry Olympiad assesses a student’s abilities outside of their usual school instruction and learning. It is a way to assess their abilities and how well they can apply the knowledge to a set of trickier problems. Certainly, a level higher than the annual school exams, Olympiads have a different exam pattern and contain more complex questions.

As you start your preparation for the Shine Senior Chemistry Olympiad, you must obviously be wondering about the best way to begin your preparation. 

Let us discuss some tips to help you begin:

1. Be aware of the syllabus and expectations

The syllabus for the Olympiads is vast, encompassing areas of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and inorganic chemistry.  Most of these subjects are covered in some detail at the school level, but the Olympiad requires far greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of the interconnection between these subjects, as well as their application to the practical world.

2. Begin well in time

The syllabus for the SSCO is very vast, and you will have to compete with the best in the country. Be sure to begin your preparation well in advance.

3. Take regular online mock tests

There are a number of online mock tests available for you to evaluate yourself.  Keep taking these tests regularly and ensure that you score to the best of your abilities. 

4. Challenge yourself

Remember again that you will be competing against the best. Concentrate on your preparation and view the Olympiad exam as a challenge rather than a conflict. A challenge is exciting, and your concentration will be more on the preparation rather than the outcome.

5. Take advantage of online resources

There are a variety of online resources accessible to enhance your study material. Shine Olympiad is one such online platform that provides subject-specific olympiads in English and nine other Indian languages to gain competence and challenge brilliant young minds.

6. Work hard

Finally, nothing can replace constant hard work. Only by putting in the effort will you be able to achieve the results that you desire.

All the Best!